Kamala Harris drops f-bomb in live-streamed White House event, “Kick the f****** door down”
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Quick Hit:

Vice President Kamala Harris made headlines after using profanity during a live-streamed White House event, urging attendees to "kick the f****** door down" in advocacy efforts.

Key Details:

  • The incident occurred at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership Summit, where Harris was in conversation with actor Jimmy O. Yang.
  • Following her remark, Harris apologized, stating, "Excuse my language."
  • This event is part of a series for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Diving Deeper:

Vice President Kamala Harris's choice of words at a public forum raised questions Monday about the administration's sincerity and strategy. Speaking at the Legislative Leadership Summit, Harris's use of profanity was quickly followed by an apology, but the moment was emblematic of a larger pattern where the current administration seemingly resorts to coarse language to appear relatable or committed to causes, instead of leveraging policy mechanisms at their disposal.

Harris's statement, "kick the f–king door down," was in response to a query from Jimmy O. Yang about breaking barriers, a poignant topic given her historic status as the first female, African-American, and Asian-American, etc.,  Vice President. The Vice President’s narrative was one of struggle and victimhood, yet, the overshadowing focus has shifted to her rhetorical choice, which detracts from the substance of her advocacy and the administration's scheduled celebrations of AANHPI Heritage Month.

Critics argue that such moments, while potentially rallying cries, could also be seen as substitutes for substantive policy advancements. Last week’s launch of a $14 million advertising campaign targeting minority voters further illustrates this approach, mingling symbolic gestures with substantial electoral investments. This pattern of engagement suggests a tactical, rather than transformational, approach to addressing the nuanced needs of minority communities.

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