CNN correspondent: Swing-state voters say they are not paying attention, “tired” with Trump trial
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Quick Hit: 

CNN chief national affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny reports that swing-state voters are showing disdain and fatigue over the ongoing Trump trial, amidst polling data that shows Trump leading Biden in six key states.

Key Details: 

  • Jeff Zeleny revealed that swing-state voters he interviewed feel "disgusted" and "tired" of the Trump trial, suggesting minimal political fallout against Trump so far.
  • Recent New York Times/Siena College polling indicates Trump is leading Biden in swing states like Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona, with significant margins.
  • Voters are more concerned with economic issues rather than the trial, with inflation noted as a critical issue affecting voter sentiment.

Diving Deeper: 

In a recent commentary, CNN's Jeff Zeleny highlighted a significant disconnect between the media coverage of Donald Trump's ongoing trial and the concerns of voters in battleground states. According to Zeleny, despite exhaustive media focus, the trial has not resonated as a critical issue among these voters. Instead, economic issues, particularly inflation, are at the forefront of voters' concerns as they assess their choices for the upcoming election.

Zeleny's observations are supported by recent polling data from the New York Times and Siena College, showing Trump leading President Joe Biden by varying margins in six crucial swing states. These results suggest that Trump's support remains robust despite the legal controversies surrounding him. In states like Nevada, Trump leads by a significant 13%, and even in tighter contests like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he is competitive.

The polling also reveals a surprising shift in demographic support, with Trump making gains among Black and Hispanic voters, groups traditionally seen as Democratic strongholds. Biden's lead among these voters has diminished compared to previous elections, further complicating the electoral landscape for Democrats.

Zeleny notes that while the trial garners considerable media attention, the actual impact on voter decision-making may be limited. He suggests that unless the economic concerns are addressed effectively, the trial itself will likely remain a peripheral issue for many voters, overshadowed by more immediate personal and financial impacts.

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