RFK Jr.: "Red state people are more likely to murder you."
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Quick Hit:

A resurfaced clip of Robert F. Kennedy during a 2005 IdeaCity speech shows Kennedy stating that "red state people are more likely to murder you." The clip which adds to resurfaced praise of former President Barack Obama's presidency and labeling of voter ID as "racially rancid," come amid the "Independent" presidential candidate making frequent appearances on conservative media, raising questions about accountability for his deeply liberal record.

Key Details:

  • Past Remarks: Kennedy, in a 2005 speech, characterized red state residents as morally inferior, linking them with higher incidences of crime and other social issues.
  • Conservative Appearances: Despite his controversial views, Kennedy has become a regular on conservative media platforms, interviewed by figures like Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck.
  • Media Accountability: Conservative outlets have been critiqued for not challenging Kennedy on his historically liberal positions, including his opposition to the NRA and support for high taxes.

Diving Deeper:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s strategy of engaging with conservative media contrasts sharply with his past and present liberal ideologies. His 2005 speech, where he made disparaging remarks about "red state" people, and his ongoing criticism of conservative policies, like his labeling of voter ID laws as "racially rancid," have not been thoroughly addressed in his recent media appearances.

This oversight by conservative media to confront Kennedy on his record is perplexing, given his advocacy for policies that are antithetical to conservative values, such as a 70% tax bracket and the elimination of gas-powered engines. Chris LaCivita, co-campaign manager for Donald Trump, expressed frustration to Politico, highlighting the contradiction in giving Kennedy a platform: "It is concerning and beyond logic that there are some conservative platforms that continue to give a voice to someone... who generally subscribes to the same school of thought as Karl Marx."

Kennedy's ability to navigate these media spaces without significant pushback on his liberal record indicates a potentially editorial oversight that could mislead conservative audiences. As he continues to position himself as an independent candidate, the lack of critical engagement from conservative media could have implications for voter perceptions and the broader political discourse leading up to the election.

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