Democrat James Carville warns Democrats are losing support of young minority voters
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James Carville, a prominent Democratic strategist, has expressed grave concern over the "horrifying" poll numbers indicating a significant loss of support among young minority voters for the Democratic Party. This comes as a major blow ahead of the upcoming presidential election in November.

Key Details: 

  • Carville, a former campaign strategist for ex-President Bill Clinton, voiced his concerns on his podcast "Carville's Classroom."
  • A Gallup survey in 2021 showed a 19-point dip in the advantage Democrats held among Black adults compared to 2020, and a decrease in Hispanic identification with the Democrats from 57% to 47%.
  • President Biden has also been losing support from both Black and Hispanic demographics, key Democratic voting blocs, as he prepares for the November election.

Diving Deeper: 

Carville's comments come in the wake of a series of polls showing a significant decline in Democratic support among young minority voters. A Gallup survey last year found that the Democratic Party's advantage among Black adults had dipped by 19 points compared to 2020. The poll also revealed a decrease in Hispanic identification with the Democrats, from 57% in 2021 to 47%.

These numbers are particularly alarming for the Democratic Party as Black and Hispanic voters have traditionally been key Democratic voting blocs. The loss of support from these demographics could have significant implications for the upcoming presidential election. President Biden, who is preparing to take on former President Trump in November, has also been losing support from both Black and Hispanic demographics.

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll published in January found Biden's support among Black voters at 63%, a 24-point drop from the 87% he had in 2020. The poll also found that Trump had an advantage over Biden among Hispanic voters by a margin of 39% to 34% and voters under the age of 35 by a margin of 37% to 33%.

Carville has urged Democrats to make the argument that the "consequences" of electing Trump to serve a second four-year term will impact young Black and Hispanic Americans for the next 35 years. He has also recently criticized the Democratic Party for being too "preachy" and "feminine" in its messaging, suggesting this could be contributing to the loss of support among young minority voters.

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