Michael Cohen trashes Trump with cash-grab TikTok live streams
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Quick Hit:

Michael Cohen, former lawyer for Donald Trump, has taken to TikTok to discuss the ongoing hush money case against Trump, drawing both viewers and donations.

Key Details:

  • Public Commentary Concerns: Cohen's transition from key witness to nightly TikTok commentator has legal experts worried about the potential damage to the integrity of his testimony in Trump's trial.
  • Credibility Challenges: Experts argue that Cohen's public discussions could help Trump's defense team discredit him as a reliable witness due to perceived biases and financial motivations.
  • Monetization and Motives: Cohen's ability to earn money from his social media interactions complicates the perception of his motivations, mixing potential financial gains with his testimonial duties.

Diving Deeper:

Michael Cohen's choice to host nightly TikTok livestreams about the high-profile criminal case against former President Donald Trump has sparked significant debate among legal professionals about the appropriateness of such public disclosures by a key trial witness.

Cohen has been engaging with a large online audience, discussing the trial's developments and his former client in detail, all while potentially benefiting financially from viewer donations. This behavior has led to criticism from several legal experts, who fear it may taint the trial's fairness. "I'd be furious," Chris Timmons, a former prosecutor, commented to ABC News. Defense attorney Jeremy Saland echoed these concerns, suggesting that Cohen's actions are "likely to benefit Trump's defense," as they provide opportunities to question his credibility.

During one a recent Friday stream, Cohen notably criticized the presence of Boris Epshteyn, a Trump adviser, at the trial, despite Epshteyn not being officially involved in the hush money case. Cohen expressed disdain for Trump's tactics, stating on his stream, "...[Trump] brought Boris Epshteyn," ...Why? Who the f--- knows. Boris has never tried a case in his life. So, now all the sudden what is he, a legal adviser? Yeah that's definitely what you want."

On a Tuesday night stream, Cohen made a particularly harsh statement  towards Trump, saying, ‘With the gag order -- the other day Donald once again, he comes out, comes out of the courtroom and goes right into that little cage, which is where he belongs, in a f------ cage like an animal.’

Cohen's financial interactions on TikTok, where viewers can send monetary "gifts," add another layer of complexity, leading to concerns that these earnings could influence his statements, as noted by Timmons, "Anytime there’s money involved with a witness it's a bad thing."


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