Poll: Nearly all Americans see Biden as "too old" for reelection
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Quick Hit:

A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll reveals that 86%—nearly all Americans—believe President Joe Biden, at 81, is too old for another term.

Key Details:

  • 86% of Americans consider Biden too old for another term, with 62% expressing the same about Trump.
  • There is a notable partisan divide, with 73% of Democrats seeing Biden as too old, while only 35% of Republicans think the same about Trump.
  • The release of Special Counsel Robert Hur's report, which did not recommend charges against Biden but commented on his mental fitness, has intensified calls for invoking the 25th Amendment.
  • Americans show more trust in Trump over Biden on issues like immigration, the economy, and crime, but Biden leads on healthcare and climate change.

Diving Deeper:

The latest ABC News/Ipsos poll has highlighted significant concerns among Americans about the ages of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. With 86% considering Biden too old for another term and 62% holding the same view about Trump, the issue of age and capability has become a focal point in the political arena.

The poll's findings come in the wake of the Hur report, which, while not recommending criminal charges against Biden for his handling of classified documents, cast doubts on his mental fitness. This has led to Republican calls, notably by Rep. Claudia Tenney, to consider the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

Despite these challenges, Biden has vehemently defended his memory and fitness to serve, stating he is the "most qualified person in this country to be president." However, his recent gaffes, such as confusing former world leaders, have added to public skepticism.

On the other hand, the poll shows more Americans trust Trump over Biden on several key issues, including immigration, the economy, and handling crime. However, Biden is preferred on healthcare and climate change matters.

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