Biden campaign sets up disinformation taskforce to lie about real videos

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Quick Hit:

The Biden campaign has established a special task force aimed at countering real videos highlighting President Joe Biden's public gaffes and moments of confusion. Critics are calling the move an attempt to control the narrative around the president's fitness for office.

Key Details:

  • Special Task Force: A Biden official revealed the formation of a task force designed to "mitigate the risks" posed by videos that critics claim show the president in moments of malfunction.
  • Media and Social Media Role: The task force's strategy involves working closely with media allies and social media platforms to reduce the impact of these videos, emphasizing the need for accurate information.
  • Criticism from Opponents: Opponents, including Trump Campaign Communications Director Steven Cheung, argue that the videos in question are real and accuse the Biden campaign of attempting to dismiss genuine concerns as conspiracy theories.

Diving Deeper:

The Biden campaign has reportedly created a task force aimed at combatting and supressing "cheap fakes" which are actually real videos of the president "malfunctioning." Recent incidents at public appearances and throughout Biden's term have drawn criticism from across the political spectrum, with many seeing thee creation of the task force as a move to supress real evidence of the president's ability to lead in as an effort to control perception.

The term "cheap fakes" has entered the campaign's lexicon following a series of videos, including one where former President Barack Obama is seen assisting a seemingly disoriented Biden off stage at a fundraiser. Other clips, like Biden wandering aimlessly at the recent G7 event in Europe and appearing disengaged during a Juneteenth celebration, have fueled further scrutiny.

In response, the Biden campaign has reportedly formed a special task force that, according to a Biden official speaking to Politico's West Wing Playbook, is dedicated to combating the spread of these videos. The official stressed the importance of collaboration with social media firms and media outlets to control the narrative, stating, "Voters deserve accurate information to inform their choice this November and our campaign will be vigilant in calling out these lies when we see them...we hope media organizations and others with influential platforms follow our lead."

This approach has drawn sharp criticism from conservative circles and the Trump campaign. Steven Cheung criticized the move as an attempt to obscure the truth, suggesting that the campaign's use of the term "cheap fakes" is an effort to discredit genuine concerns about the president's capabilities. Others argue that the task force is a strategic move to shield the president from legitimate scrutiny by labeling embarrassing but real incidents as fabrications. 


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