Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz calls on DOJ Inspector General to investigate Jack Smith over "witch hunt"
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Quick Hit:

U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General Michael Horowitz, alleging election interference by Special Counsel Jack Smith against President Donald J. Trump. Gaetz claims that Smith's actions to expedite the Trump case are intended to ensure a trial before the November 2024 election, in violation of DOJ rules and federal law.

Key Details:

  • Congressman Gaetz alleges that Special Counsel Smith's actions to speed up the trial against President Trump violate the DOJ's rules and the law.
  • He claims that Smith's public comments and his office's briefs before the Supreme Court demonstrate that he has no reason for his actions other than to unlawfully interfere in the 2024 presidential election.
  • Gaetz has requested the DOJ Inspector General to investigate Smith's actions and assess their compliance with Departmental policy and the laws of the United States.

Diving Deeper:

In a letter to Inspector General Horowitz, Congressman Gaetz outlined his concerns about Special Counsel Smith's actions. He cited the DOJ's Justice Manual, which states that "Law enforcement officers and prosecutors may never select the timing of public statements (attributed or not), investigative steps, criminal charges, or any other action in any matter or case for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party."

Gaetz argues that Smith's request for a "rapid" review of the federal prosecution of Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump, and the emphasis on the "public importance" of the case, without explicitly stating why the rapidity is warranted, suggests an intention to influence the 2024 presidential election. He further claims that if there were a legitimate, non-election related purpose for this request, the attorneys would have stated it.

The Congressman has called on the Inspector General to investigate Smith's actions, stating that the statutory mission of the Inspector General's office compels it to assess their compliance with Departmental policy and the laws of the United States. He has also requested that his office be alerted of any developments in this matter.

This complaint comes amidst a highly charged political climate, with the 2024 presidential election on the horizon. It remains to be seen how the DOJ Inspector General will respond to Congressman Gaetz's allegations and what impact this may have on the upcoming election.

Matt Gaetz” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED.

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