Joe and Hunter Biden used Sandy Hook memorial service to set up secret meeting with Chinese, documents reveal

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Quick Hit:

Hunter Biden allegedly used a Sandy Hook memorial event to arrange a meeting between his father, Joe Biden, and a Chinese business partner, Liu Yadong. This revelation comes from newly released texts by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Key Details:

  • Hunter Biden messaged Liu Yadong, an executive at CEFC, on December 12, 2017, to arrange a meeting with his father, Joe Biden.
  • The meeting was to take place during a Sandy Hook memorial event in New York, which Joe Biden was attending.
  • The texts were obtained by IRS investigators and released by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Diving Deeper:

The texts reveal that Hunter Biden used his father's attendance at the Sandy Hook memorial event to coordinate a meeting with Liu Yadong. "Can you meet this evening early," Hunter wrote in the messages. "My father will be in New York also and he wants me to attend the Sandyhook [sic] memorial service with him and I would like him to meet you along with my uncle [Jim Biden] and then you and I can talk let me know if that works."

Joe Biden was later pictured at the Plaza Hotel for the event commemorating five years since the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. However, it remains unclear whether the proposed meeting between Biden and Liu took place.

Despite Joe Biden's repeated insistence that his family earned no money from China, the president featured prominently in Hunter and James Biden's multimillion-dollar relationship with CEFC. Most of his known alleged interactions happened in 2017, shortly after he left office as vice president.

The newly revealed texts between Hunter Biden and Liu came after several months of back-and-forth over the Biden family's involvement in a deal with CEFC, which has ties to the Chinese government. The deal was reportedly worth $10 million per year.

The messages were obtained when IRS investigators Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler obtained a search warrant for Hunter Biden's iCloud account. The documents were turned over to the House Ways and Means Committee as evidence that Hunter may have been lying when he testified before Congress in February.

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