article urlCohen testified he made $4.4M from his anti-Trump podcasts, books
Tue May 21 2024
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Quick Hit:

During the "hush money" trial of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen revealed he made millions from projects critical of the former president, including books and a podcast.

Key Details:

  • Earnings Breakdown: Cohen stated he earned over $3 million from his books Disloyal and Revenge, and an additional $1 million from his podcast Mea Culpa.
  • Media Ventures: He confirmed a friend is pitching a TV show titled The Fixer about his life, and disclosed he is working on a third book about Trump.
  • Monetary Incentives: Under intense cross-examination, Cohen admitted his financial interest in the trial but argued his position would be better if Trump were not convicted.

Diving Deeper:

Michael Cohen, once a lawyer for Donald Trump, testified on Monday, admitting he made approximately $4.4 million from his books and podcast, which heavily criticize the former president. These revelations came under the rigorous scrutiny of Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, during Trump's ongoing hush money trial.

Blanche's cross-examination aimed to paint Cohen as someone who has consistently profited from denigrating Trump. He probed Cohen about various income sources, including a potential television show and a forthcoming book. Responding to questions about the TV show The Fixer, Cohen clarified it was being shopped around by a friend with his approval, although it has yet to be picked up.

Further, Blanche highlighted Cohen's financial motives, suggesting they could be influencing his testimony against Trump. Cohen, facing Blanche's pointed inquiries, acknowledged that a non-conviction for Trump could paradoxically benefit him, providing more material for future criticisms and projects.

Cohen, who pleaded guilty in 2018 to charges including tax evasion and lying to Congress, has been a vocal critic of Trump following his sentencing and subsequent imprisonment. He has leveraged this stance into significant earnings through his books and podcast, and even hinted at a potential political future, citing increased name recognition and considering a run for Congress.


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